New Jay Roacher video

The All Seeing Hand “Geronimo”

The All Seeing Hand Geronimo

My first turntable jam room as a boy was mostly underground save for two meters of windows looking into native bush. During windy Wellington storms the trees would wallop away at the glass threatening to break through. I would duet with the wind, rain and thumping plants – scratching in time or playing drones across the grain of the storm. We went off together!

Well, finally I’ve found a musician to take the role of the thunderstorm. Ben Knight has all of that same sound, fury and unpredictability. Improvising together can be a cacophony with our two entities seldom intersecting. However, when our playing does converge much to my delight Ben seems to know my next move even before I do! The tune Geronimo is one such occasion where we lock in together like an automotive assembly line.

The All Seeing Hand formed as a result of several Camp A Low Hum collaborations between Teen Hygiene and I. Geronimo is the first single of the debut album which documents our first incarnation as a turntable and drum duo. We have since added throat player Noel St Cosmos who brings a third reality into the mix. Please come and hear us play sometime – although different every time we do attempt this tune!

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Libra Vs Sagittarius

Libra Vs Sagittarius

With Libra Vs Sagittarius I set out to make an entire love mixtape rather than a love song. Put simply, this was a mixtape made for a girl. The selections pertain to the bands we discovered together, gigs witnessed and moments shared. Many of these tracks are now highly evocative touch tones for me; little sonic reminders of those bittersweet times. Should I even be sharing this – I don’t know?

Well, my heart has long since been trampled and looking back at the listing now it’s a motley bunch of tunes. Neither of us had a penchant for pop music so our singalongs and snuggles were most frequently accompanied by Sunn0))) or This Heat! This was compiled December 2009 and stylistically speaking it’s one of my most diverse mixes. Most of the artists featured have entire discographies that warrant a listen. It also features a few of my favourite Wellington acts; Akaname, Thrashing Marling and Leila Adu! A couple of ABC originals in there too.

I hope some of these tunes resonate with you as well. Tracklisting below.

xxAlphabetheadxx  ->  DOWNLOAD: Libra Vs Sagittarius

New video from Jay Roacher ‘Cheer Up Jay’.  Album is available now to eh!

New video from Tourettes ‘Tonight’ off his album Tiger Belly

Tour: Alphabethead & F in Math / Flying Nun


Throughout the month of November, Flying Nun Records will celebrate their 30th Anniversary. With over 20 shows throughout New Zealand, the anniversary features both old and new Flying Nun acts, along with some very special guests paying tribute to 30 years of the NZ iconic label.

While, it wouldn’t be a party without live music, Flying Nun Records also have exciting new releases and re-releases on CD, digitally and Vinyl. Plus a handful of new bands signed to the label.

While down south, F IN Math and turntabilist Alphabethead launch their tour which promises to include an interesting mix of Flying Nun covers, having given Alphabethead a bunch of Flying Nun vinyl to cut up, re-mix and re-write.

F in Math and Alphabethead
Nov 4 – Christchurch, The new Dux De Lux
Nov 5 – Dunedin, Chicks Hotel
Nov 11 –Auckland, Golden Dawn
Nov 12 – Wellington, Mighty Mighty

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Tourettes and Mathew Crawley performing Inside My Head live at the Basement

Flying Destar

Flying Destar

It’s Glitch + Scratching… DOWNLOAD HERE


Album Review: Tourettes, Tiger Belly

By Scott Kara

6:30 AM Thursday Sep 29, 2011 Artist Tanja Jade aka Misery and Dominic Hoey aka Tourettes. Photo / Supplied Expand

Artist Tanja Jade aka Misery and Dominic Hoey aka Tourettes. Photo / Supplied

While Auckland rapper and poet Tourettes (real name Dominic Hoey) is not so much of a smart aleck on fourth album Tiger Belly, he’s just as clever, cutting, and hilarious.

Whether he’s mouthing off about only having two emotions (“boredom and lust”), big upping himself on Everybody Loves Tourettes (and rightly so too), or at his deadpan best about not being a great swimmer (“I saw Jaws too young.”), he is one of local music’s top wordsmiths with a refreshing say-it-like-it-is roughness to him.

And with a vast and adventurous palette of music and beats (that could stand up as a record on its own) courtesy of Saan Barratt from country band the Vietnam War, this album is more than a worthy follow up to his eerie, often aggressive, and funny - albeit sadly under appreciated - 2009 offering Who Said You Can’t Dance To Misery?.

There are rowdy party highlights like the pulsing dynamism of So Happy, the brutally frank Drug Problem (akin to a hip-hop honed psychedelic Pixies), and opener Tonight is a weird and wonderful mix of frenzied 60s pop, steely surf music, and shouty Beastie Boys back when they were more punk than hip-hop.

Stars: 4/5
Verdict: Less aggressive, more grown up, still funny